About Me
I started out in journalism but, life takes you in so many different directions. I’ve worked in PR, communications, and advertising. I’ve done administrative/clerical work for a mechanical contractor and a personal care service. I’m a graphic and web designer. In the end, I’m just Mom.
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About Me

Eunice J. Hart

My superpower is using my skills behind the scenes to help you and your business grow, thrive, and be awesome.

Looking for someplace to lay your troubles (and extra tasks) while you actually work on your business? Look no further, that’s why I’m here.

I’ve been working behind the scenes to make folks awesome since 1994. I have a B. A. in Journalism and worked in Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations, Communications, Home Healthcare, and other areas learning how to work smarter, not harder.

I’ve been building websites since 2002. When I wasn’t designing or writing, I was answering the question “Eunice, can you . . . ?” (pssst, 9.9 times out of 10, I can)

I’m a hopeless homebody with an addiction to Diet Coke, chocolate, and cheesecake. And by the way, I’m a sucker for my two sons, and true crime vlogs.


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Let the world know what you have to offer. Achieve more and concentrate on growth. Let me help you grow, thrive, and be awesome!

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Web Designer & Virtual Assistant for Entrepreneurs, Small to Medium-Sized Businesses, and Non-Profits.


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