Our Story: How Pilgrim Rest Adult Day Care Began

Pilgrim Rest Adult Day CareIt all started with a friendship that grew stronger and stronger each year. However, nobody would have guessed that all these years later Charles and William would be celebrating a successful business together.

William Ballard; 74 years old, and Charles Wilson; 67 years old, are the owners of Pilgrim Rest Adult Day Care facility, which is located in Winstonville, Mississippi. The facility started as a conversation in July of 2012 and by August of 2012 plans were already in the works, and they applied for a license to open the business. The business officially opened its doors in January of 2012.

The owners of Pilgrim Rest Adult Day Care are like two peas in a pod and they just love people. Not only do they perform good deeds when the need arises but they actually go out and look for people who may need their help. This is part of the reason they wanted to open up an adult day care facility. William and Charles wanted to provide a safe and structured environment to serve seniors and disabled citizens of Bolivar County.

Pilgrim Rest Adult Day CarePilgrim Rest Adult Day Care serves 30 disabled citizens and seniors. They also provide employment to seven (7) individuals. The employees enjoy coming to work and many stay after their shift has ended because they enjoy it so much.

The facility shows all the signs of success. One of the employees at Pilgrim Rest Boasts, "Many adult day cares have problems getting seniors to attend regularly but not Pilgrim Rest," Marie Boston continues. "You won't catch our people staying home, they enjoy the environment. Here it's like being among one big happy family."

Charles says Pilgrim Rest provides adult day services to their clients in a safe and family like environment, with care, love and understanding. Pilgrim Rest Adult Day Care"We wouldn't have it any other way," William chuckled. Charles replied with a grin, "You sho' right, Mr. Will."

Congratulations to William Ballard, Charles Wilson, and everyone at Pilgrim Rest Adult Day Care for a successful business, and hopes for many more.

Congratulations are also in order to Charles and William for such a long and successful friendship — a feat that may seem even greater than running a successful business, and the rewards are endless.

About Pilgrim Rest Adult Day Care

Pilgrim Rest Adult Day Care is an independent, for-profit, full-time adult day care service located at 102 McWilliam Street, Winstonville, Mississippi 38781. It provides quality care in a loving stimulating, and secure environment.

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