Design Portfolio

I've created many designs over the years suitable for print and web. Worked with a lot of cool people trying to get their vision out there: small businesses, non-profits, political campaigns, film festivals and more. View here!

Writing Clips

Thousands of words have been written by me over the years for many different publications. I've talked to many wonderful individuals, and delivered many different messages to a lot of diverse audiences. Read here!

My Blog

Right now, Megami-ology is a work in progress. It will help those who can't afford to hire big fancy agencies. I'll explain how the internet and social media works as it pertains to marketing startups, small businesses, or even that one person non-profit. Stay tuned!

Meet Eunice

First, I was a journalist and writer. Then, I discovered the fun and joys of graphic design. Finally, in my need to display my work to the world, I became a web designer. Most importantly, I'm a mother to two boys. Find out more about me!

“If you can find something you're really passionate about, jump on that. If you're passionate about [something] and you bring your talent, you'll be unstoppable.”